Thursday, November 5, 2009

It seems it was just the beginning of October and the weather was warm and sunny the other day and now its already November! This is the 9th week of school!
I want to thank all the parents who helped out for our Halloween party last week. It was a very fun parade!
We have started reading a historical fiction book called Samuel Eaton. Its about a pilgrim boy who lived in Plimonth in 1627. We are using our new strategy called Determining Important Ideas. Its a very useful strategy especially for nonfiction writing. We will also be reading about a pilgrim girl and a Wampanoag boy during this same time period.
We have started our expository writing pieces called "How to . .". The students have selected an idea about how to tell others how to do something or make something. We have a very interesting list of crafts, activities, and even some gymnastic moves!
In word study we are learning that some words have short or long vowel sounds and how to tell when that occurs in a word.
Geometry is loads of fun. We are listing the attributes of rectangles and talking and writing about them. We have also introduced the idea of symmetry - these ideas are all done with lots of exploratory activities and projects.
In social studies we have covered map keys, and the equator - northern and southern hemispheres.
If you have time this weekend check out the Children's Book Fair on Saturday at MCC. Lots of local children's authors will be there including Newbery winner Linda Sue Park. Its from 10 to 4. I try to attend every year to see whats happening in children's literature. Its a great event!!
Its mitten weather. Be sure to label all clothing. Remember, mini hand sanitizers and water bottles are allowed in the classroom. Have a great weekend.