Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It is hard to believe that we are already into October and its the fifth week of school already!
We have been very busy with our first reading strategy called Visualizing. We will be practicing this strategy for the next few week. We create a mental image in our brains when we read and this helps us with comprehending what we have read. Students say things like" "I pictured . . . "
Our personal narratives are really coming together. The student pieces are ideas that they have taken and "stretched"' into small moment stories. Students are beginning to understand what revising means and demonstrated this many times.
In math, story problems have been introduced and students are great at giving complete answers - pictures, equations, labels, and sentences.
For word study we reviewed vowels (short sounds) and have created our first word study list.
We would like to welcome Owen back to Allen Creek.
We have a field trip to the Brighton Fire Station on the 15th.
We have a field trip to the George Eastman House on the 16th.
Picture Day will be on the 15th as well.
Don't forget to send in a pillowcase if you haven't already done so.
Columbus Day on the 12th - no school.

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